Road Signs to Reduce Motorcycle Collisions

Each year around 6 million accidents are seen in the US, in which around 38,000 people (about twice the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) lose their lives.

These accidents sometimes occur due to issues with motorcycle manufacturing.

Most of these accidents take place because of over-speeding, using your mobile phone while driving, driving in harsh weather conditions, and more.

Your insouciant driving could cost you someone’s life.

Not only will your untroubled driving affect you as the driver, but it will also affect the people present on the road, especially the person you collide with.

road signs

Head Traumas, TBIs, neck and back injuries, and fractures are common outcomes of irresponsible driving. Other than that, accidents also take a toll on the affectee’s mental health. 

However, due to awareness programs and an increase in traffic signs, reports show a significant decrease in motor accidents in the upcoming years.

Traffic signs are used to help reduce these accidents and help drivers develop a better road sense while abiding by the road rules. 

They also help decrease road suffocation, create a clear path for traffic flow, indicate no parking zones or reserved parking spots, mention one-way roads to avoid uncertainty, and more. Let’s discuss some advantages of road signs and how they can help you while driving. 

Is the Color of the Roadway sign Important? 

Yes, the color indicates important factors. For instance, the use of red signs is attributed to stopping signs, prohibition signs, etc. a white background indicates a regulator sign, while a yellow one indicates a general warning. Green indicates permitted traffic movements and so on. 

Road Signs That Reduce Motorcycle  Collisions and Their Importance

Accidents are one of the most horrific experiences anyone can go through. It throws you out of the course and never ends great. No one ever wants to be part of this horrible experience, which is why road signs play such a pivotal role.

Road signs are used to inform drivers of road rules and provide information regarding the road they’re on. That’s because 10 to 25% of accidents happen due to distraction. Thus, in order to catch the driver's attention, Signs NYC recommends using bright colors and pictures to display these signs. They’re easy and quick to read and can be understood by anyone, no matter what language they’re comfortable with. These signs help maintain order, therefore, reducing accidents.

Traffic or road signs provide essential information to drivers to help them stay safe whilst on the road. Upon seeing a speed limit sign the driver will know to slow down to fit into the conditions of the area they’re entering. 

Speed Bump Signs

The majority of accidents that take place are due to over-speeding. They are also the main cause of deaths in accidents. To prevent over-speeding, speed bumps are used to force the driver to slow down. Speed bumps are highly important, especially in places where there is a lot of foot traffic. Announcing the existence of these speed bumps is equally as important. For instance, if someone was driving at a high speed and didn’t notice the speed bump, the shock could pull or tear a muscle or even induce a minor head injury.

These speed bumps are also useful for pedestrians as it gives them time to spot a vehicle and cross the road safely. Speed bumps are also a way to silently communicate that the area is designated as a safe one so speeding should not be seen.

signs on roads

Bridge Signs

Every year, accidents happen due to high-sided vehicles attempting to pass a bridge that was too low.

Every major city or town has bridges. Manhattan alone is connected to other cities through 21 bridges and tunnels. 

Thus, it’s extremely important to have the proper road signs for these bridges so drivers can see a bridge, especially at night. 

Some major variations of bridge signs include: 

  • One lane bridge
  • Draw bridge ahead 
  • Watch for ice on bridges 
  • Narrow bridge 
  • Bridge closed 

Without the proper signage for bridges, driving can be dangerous. Especially when the weather is harsh or any maintenance work is going on, taking a route via a bridge can turn out to be harmful. 

Another way bridge road signs help driver is by keeping drivers posted on the vehicle weight to divert heavy trucks to other routes. This helps with keeping heavy vehicles off interstate highways and maintaining traffic flow. 

Other warning signs for bridges can include mandatory height restriction signs, advanced warning signs, location signs, road signs incorporating mandatory height restrictions, etc. 


Forks (Y intersections)

One of the most hazardous areas on the road is the intersection.

Intersections can confuse experienced and inexperienced drivers. Whether you’re driving in a big city or a small one, you’re destined to cross with someone else’s path. 

Intersections can also be confusing due to so much going on in one place: turning lanes, traffic signals, other drivers, merging lanes, and so much more. 

Thus, road signs can help to streamline all this confusion. 

We’ll be talking mostly about signage for Y-intersections that are shaped like a fork. They’re just like a T-junction but have one roadway that meets another roadway of the same size. 

There are two major types of Y-intersections. You need road signs on both roads placed at a distance from the actual junction. The sign would indicate that a Y-intersection is approaching. 

For the second type of Y-intersection, a road sign must be placed on one of the roads that have traffic flowing. The traffic coming from the other side must come to a complete stop and look in both directions on the other road before moving ahead. 

Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs are used to inform the driver of the maximum speed they can proceed. These signs help maintain order and prevent the occurrence of accidents. These signs help prevent mishaps and numerous other risks. While developing the speed limit many factors such as the area, number of previous accidents, and more are taken into account.

The speed limits vary depending on the area. For example, you can go at a higher speed on highways than you can in housing societies or other vicinities where foot traffic can be seen.

motorbike on road

Construction Signs

Construction signs are mainly for the protection of construction or road workers. Although they’re short-term, they hold just as much importance as the other signs included in the list. Construction signs are mostly a bright orange color and have a symbol indicating construction on them. 

These signs advise the drivers to slow down and keep a lookout for workers in the vicinity nearby. These signs are required as they help create a safer working environment for the workers.

Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Road signs aren’t bound to drivers or vehicles only. They’re also important for pedestrians and act as warning signs. They help provide drivers with advance notice of areas with high foot activity. Thus, it helps drivers slow down their speed and stop on short notice. 

Most pedestrian crossing signs are seen near schools, city centers, or places with high pedestrians. 

For example, warning signs are used to warn you about changes in your route or to caution you to look out for cyclists or pedestrians. Guidance signs can be used to attract tourism by stating nearby tourist attractions. Both these examples are for pedestrians crossing. 

Next Gas 20 Miles Sign 

road signs to avoid accidents

Seeing your gas light turn on can be a panic moment for any driver. Thus, placing signs that show the distance between the next gas station can be helpful for the driver. 

Most motorcycles on average can drive safely up to 20 to 30 miles (for smaller vehicles). So, a 20 miles sign makes the most sense to put up for helping drivers. 

Road signs in the US increasingly use symbols because reading text can be very hard for drivers. Symbols provide instant communication and overcome any language barriers. 

Road Ends Ahead Sign 

Lastly, we have the road ends ahead sign that indicates a dead-end route. This sign is mostly used in multi-lane highways to warn the driver of fewer traffic lanes in the direction you’re traveling. So, when you see a yellow sign that indicates a blockage ahead or indicates to change your lane, you’ll have to be prepared for the change. 


What are the three basic categories that traffic signs are divided into?

Traffic signs are divided into three basic categories; warning, regulatory, and guide signs. Their shapes are different from each other, and drivers can easily learn about the sign in harsh weather conditions just by looking at their shapes.

What are the 3 most important colors of road signs?

The three most important colors are green, white, and yellow. All these colors communicate different messages. The yellow color conveys a caution message, green shows permitted traffic movement, and white shows regulatory signs.


Traffic or road signs provide valuable information to road users and drivers. They help keep traffic rules in check and communication messages to drivers and pedestrians to help them avoid accidents. 

We at Signs NYC make sure to follow proper traffic road signs to make our road signage. We comply with the color codes, symbols, etc. to make each sign and play our part in streamlining the traffic.

Author - Fred Felton
Fred Felton          

Content Creator / Editor

Fred Felton is a copywriter, editor and social media specialist based in Durban, South Africa. He has over 20 years of experience in creating high end content. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Currently Fred specialises in the motorbiking adventure space, focussing on all types of biking both on and offroad. He is also a keynote speaker and has presented talks and workshops in South Africa.


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