Purchasing Motocross Boots – Your Easy Guide

Selecting your motocross boots is not child's play! Most riders start-out with style in their mind, but eventually security, purpose, and comfort take center stage. And before you arrive at the best bike boots, you probably need to try several boot types and design. You have to get the correct fit, flexibility, and ease of movement.


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There can be situations, where the model you like best, often is costly. Else you might like a boot design but are unable to place the order because you are not sure of your foot size. Sometimes, you might not know the correct boot type or the other available variants. You can check out the Alpinestars Tech 10 to know more about the choices you have. 

Sometimes, it becomes very frustrating to find the best motocross boots when you see the price climbing high. Let’s try and make this very easy. Discussed below are essential and straightforward guidelines that you can refer to as you are trying to get the best motocross boots for yourself.

  1. Get the Correct Fit 

You need to make sure your motocross boots are of good quality. And for this, you need to go beyond your requirement for a good-looking boot. First and foremost, it's essential to get the fit correct. When you have a small boot, it can lead to injury, the moment there is a collision. Also, since it restricts free movement, there might be an extra accumulation of sweat and skin allergy or reddishness, from the extra tight fit. On the other hand, when the boot size is too big, you will face discomfort while riding the bike. The boot might slop around and might come off completely.

Different brands have various brand sizes. You need to measure your feet and check it with what the different brands have to offer. Your size can vary between M to XL based on various brands. Also, try on the boot wearing the racing socks, to ensure that you get the snug fit, as that’s what you need while driving.  

  1. Different Brands Offer Different Features
Every brand comes with its specifications of motocross boots. Some companies design and manufacture their boots in a way that it comes with a wide fit. The high-quality boots from esteemed brands come with memory foam on the inside around the foot top. It ensures that the fit is excellent and comfortable.
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Similarly, other boot brands manufacture small size shoes. Hence, you will have to order for a size bigger. Companies also make accurate size boots and offer many variants as well. A few motocross boots also come with an inner removable bootie, that provides extra support.

  1. Essential Features of a Motocross Boot

You need to create a mental checklist of all the requirements you have from motocross bootie. As you browse through boot options, you can keep ticking on the checklist box to decide better. For instance, you might want a boot that provides excellent heat shield. You can find this right inside the boot, and it will keep you safe from contacting the exhaust.

The other requirement that many motocross bike riders have is a buckle system! There are motocross boots that come with three to four buckles and can get fastened easily. You can even snap it to one place and if you want can also have components that you can replace. This way you have the chance to substitute a broken part, for instance, a strap or a buckle, instead of scrapping the entire boot.

You should also flip the boots for checking the soles, as most wears and tears happen here. Ensure that the soles get reinforced adequately and also comes with a regular grip pattern. The high-end motocross boot models will come with the capacity to substitute the sole and also enhance a steel shank inside later. There are motocross boot models that have a replaceable sole. Not every time, it can be a DIY job. So, you either need to take it to the store or the aftermarket specialist for any work. 

Few other essential features of the boots include shock-absorbing padding, removable arch supports, and many more. Sometimes, the best boot is slightly expensive than the rest, as the design and materials used are high-end.

  1. Your Boots Should Be High Quality AND Great Value

Nothing is free in this world! Your motocross boot also comes with a certain amount. So, make sure that you check the price tag before you decide to opt-in for it. Some motocross riders want to purchase a boot within a specific budget limit. So anything above $500 might not be the ideal choice. A good quality boot, with a steep price, is likely to provide you with the perfect leather blend, high impact plastic, thermoplastic as well as microfiber.

The construction design is yet another sign that boasts a high-quality motocross boot. These service providers deploy smart ways for securing the heel, ankle, shin, and the other toe areas. You will also get the best vertical flexibility and secures it from all the lateral forces. It also secures you from any sudden crash.

Today, more motocross bike riders are counting in costly knee covers as well. A few of the advanced motocross boots generally come with the adjustable tops that are designed especially for accommodating the shin supports and the protectors.

  1. Choose A Reputable Motocross Gear Dealer

No motocross bike rider wants to join hands with a substandard motocross boot service provider! Everyone wants the best. To ensure that the company you are joining hands with is the best, you need to scan its website and check whether it has all the relevant data. Check the customer reviews as well as Google online reviews, as that will enable you to decide better on the service provider. Comparison always lets you make an informed choice.

If you want to take your motocross riding to the next level, it is essential that you select the best boots. Today, the market comes with multiple brand options that you can research and choose based on your requirement and motocross boots preference.

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