How To Enjoy Tremendous Savings While Buying Fuel In Bulk?

This post is specifically for the entrepreneurs and business ventures where the fuel consumption is through the roof. For individuals and corporations involved in the transportation business, the rate of fuel consumption is quite high. This leads to buying of fuel and gasoline in bulk.

The following section of the article is a comprehensive list of how to enjoy savings while buying fuel in bulk. There are some great tips from our experts at the Speedway Mastercard Fuel Card. The fuel cards are the best way to enjoy savings when you need to purchase fuel in high amounts.

Let us have a look in detail.

When you are looking to negotiate a fuel discount


Fuel Meter On Dashboard
Yes, with fuel cards, you now have the power to negotiate fuel discounts at several gas stations and fair price shops all over the United States of America. If you are the business owner, then you will very well know that the best way to ensure discount pricing is to buy around 90% of the entire fuel requirement from a primary source or a merchant. This allows the negotiation on the base price per gallon. Program your fuel card to build a strong network of gas stations and fair price shops depending upon the geographical location of the frequently traveled route to enjoy the discount benefits.

More about fuel buying groups

There are many small to moderate sized ventures as well as start-ups who suffer from the lack of experience and proper channels to avail discounts on fuel. However, with fuel cards, now all of the modestly sized ventures can team up to form a buying group which can order in bulk as well as enjoys the discounts on the base price as well as other miscellaneous benefits.

The importance of the right fuel card

Having the right fuel card is imperative since it helps in lowering the net expenditure for fuel consumption. The cards offer discounts as well as enable you to track the pricing of fuel.

Keep in mind to buy only the required amount

Here is an expert tip for you – did you know that stale fuel can breed algae and can have water accumulation that leads to the downgrading of the quality of the fuel? It is, therefore, in your best interest to buy only the required amount.

About leveraging the technology involved


fuel pump
As we all know, fuel prices vary daily, and according to regions. There is a problem with fuel availability as well. However, fuel cards come loaded with technological facilities and advantages. There are options for real-time tracking of the usage, expenditure of the fuel card through online accounts. Additionally, information regarding pricing and fuel availability can be downloaded straight on to your handheld devices through Smartphone apps.

About buying in bulk

The best way to ensure high savings while buying expensive trucking fuel is to buy in bulk. Install a storage tank at your office premises and buy in bulk to enjoy more significant savings through fuel cards.

These are some of tips and tricks to enjoying considerable savings while purchasing fuel for your fleet. Research your options and make sure you find the right fuel card according to your requirement.

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