How To Dress For A Motorcycle Ride

As with every occasion, a motorcycle ride demands you to dress right. Dressing right entails more than style but ensuring comfort and safety throughout your ride. A motorcycle accident can be fatal, and you can lose your life. As such, you need to wear protective gear to minimize injuries in the event of an accident. Additionally, different seasons call for different styles of dressing. You wouldn’t want to be overdressed, as it reduces your effectiveness and comfort as you ride.

If you want to enjoy your ride, the first order of business is to dress appropriately for your ride. Here are some ideas on how to dress for a motorcycle ride:

Wear a Jacket

A motorcycle jacket is more than a piece of clothing for motorcycle riders. It’s a symbol of style, and you need to put thought into the one you choose.

girl with motorbike jacket

There are several types of motorcycle jackets made from different fabrics. You’ll spend your entire ride using it; the more reasons you should choose wisely.

One thing that stands out with most motorcycle riders is that they love leather jackets. For one, it’s convenient and suitable for most weather conditions. However, it may be cumbersome on hot days. Second, its superior abrasion resistance is another excellent quality of the leather jacket. It gives it more ability to protect your skin against any weather conditions.

That’s why most riders have leather jackets. Additionally, they last longer compared to other fabrics; thus, they don’t succumb to wear and tear quickly.

So if you’re a motorcycle riding enthusiast, you’ll need to buy one that can serve you long before you need a replacement. Again, it’d be great if you found one that you can rock with some casual outfits. Textile jackets offer versatility and style. Although leather jackets are safer, textile ones can still get the job done. On that note, get more from this informative post about motorcycle leather jackets versus textile jackets. You’ll find more insights; hence make an informed decision on the suitable style for your motorcycle jacket.

Use a Helmet

To reiterate, when motorcycle accidents happen, they can be fatal. First and foremost, motorcycle rides are fast. This alone increases the risk of accidents happening. Therefore, it’d be safe to wear protective gear during the ride.  

A helmet is among the necessary gear needed for a motorcycle ride. Protecting your head using a helmet is a safety rule you can’t afford to compromise on. Again, head injuries caused by vehicular accidents can be severe and difficult to treat. So, protecting your head by wearing a helmet for your motorcycle ride would be best. Thus, even if you hit your head, you may reduce the risks associated with the accident. 

Ensure your helmet fits perfectly. A loose-fitting helmet may come off during the race and cause a disturbance that could result in an accident. However, it shouldn’t be too fit such that it hurts. A helmet’s role is to soften the impact in the event of an accident. Remember, you don’t know when the accident will happen hence the need to have your helmet on every time during the ride.  On the same note, you need a good-quality helmet to survive severe motorcycle accidents. One that can caution and withstand the impact of the accident. Some of the common types of quality helmets include:  

  • Full face  
  • Open face  
  • Flip off full face  
  • Flip up full face  
  • Off-road full face  

Most of the helmets can be used by both male and female riders. Again, when buying one, insist on high-quality motorcycle helmets. You should also ensure your helmet is fiberglass and has a plastic bend. Helmets manufactured with fiberglass are lighter and absorb the impact better. Additionally, you can further protect your helmet from the elements by buying motorbike helmet covers that come in various colors and designs.  

Go For Reflective Gears

If you’re riding your motorcycle at night, it’d be best to wear reflective motorcycle gears and wears. These are clothes that reflect light at night. They help in notifying other road users of your presence on the road. They come in handy in reducing the risks of an accident, such as being hit by an approaching vehicle. Alternatively, you can wear brightly colored clothes that are easily noticeable in the dark. These include white, red, and yellow. On the same note, you can use yellow stripes on your boots or the back of your helmet. They can reflect light from a distance, reducing the chances of someone knocking you off your motorcycle.


Dress For the Weather

Dressing for a motorcycle ride with the weather in mind is essential. Clothes can significantly influence your riding experience. For instance, you’d better wear cotton clothes on a hot day. They’re good at soaking your sweat when the temperature rises. Alternatively, you can try thermal underwear. It works wonders when it comes to comfort. The beauty of thermal garments is that you can wear them on cold and hot days. Thus, buy yourself one to make your ride more enjoyable.

It’s also useful for motorcycle rides because you park in fewer clothes. Your motorcycle compartment may not have room for several outfits. Therefore, thermal wear comes in handy when you’re covering long distances.

During the rainy season, you shouldn’t miss wearing a waterproof jacket. It helps you avoid soaking your clothes which can be uncomfortable. Again, you can go full board with a water-resistant suit. This way, you’ll be safe from the cold and the pouring rain.

When going for a motorcycle ride, it’s essential to dress right for the weather. You avoid discomfort and maximally enjoy your ride.

Go For Shoes That Cover Your Ankles

It’s common to see motorcycle riders in boots. It’s so because you need to cover your legs. Additionally, they give you a good grip on the foot pegs. Regardless of the season, boots are a motorcycle ride staple. You protect your ankles against the exhaust pipes when getting on or off the bike. If you don’t cover up during the ride, you might get burn injuries from exhaust fumes. On the same note, it's essential to wear long pants rather than shorts for the ride. Consider jeans, leather, or denim pants.  

The last thing you’d want from your motorcycle ride is a burn injury. The burns can leave huge scars on your legs. Although they can be treated, you’d better protect yourself from such burns. Wear ankle-covering boots and long pants for such an adventure. After all, protection is better than cure.

person driving motorbike

Appropriate Hair Styling

Loosely hanging hair can obstruct you during the ride. The wind might blow your hair, covering your face on windy days. Thus, it’s helpful to wear your hair in the most appropriate way for the ride. For instance, you can wear a bandana that covers your hair if it’s too short for a braid. It also makes it easier to wear the helmet.

On the other hand, you should avoid hairstyles that put pressure on the helmet. For instance, a bun will create bulges which become the line of weakness for your helmet. If an accident happens, your helmet might not do a good job protecting you.

Therefore, go for low ponytails or braids that don’t affect your helmet. Note that braiding your hair does a better job of holding down your hair than the ponytail.

Thus, an appropriate hairstyle comes in handy for your motorcycle ride. It also doesn’t compromise your helmet’s protection aspect.

Avoid Jewelry

When going for a motorcycle ride, it’s best to minimize your jewelry or not wear it at all. Even though they’re sturdy, they might not stay put on a windy day. Besides losing them, you might not be comfortable wearing some. For instance, rings can be a problem with tight gloves. They can also hurt when you need to have tight grips.

Additionally, others, like the tongue and nose ring, wouldn’t be appropriate given the risks of accidents associated with such a ride. Again, earrings can get caught up in your helmet resulting in bleeding during removal. With all these eventualities of risks, it’d be a great idea not to wear them for the ride.

Don A Pair of Hand Gloves

Wearing gloves while riding can provide a lot of protection. First, you need a good grip on your bike's brakes to be a good rider. With all the rough terrain, your hands might get all sweaty and can easily slip off the brakes. But with gloves, you reduce such risks. Secondly, in the event of an accident, your hands will probably be the first to hit the ground. Thus, you must cover your hands; wearing hand gloves is the best way to do so.   

While at it, you’d want to consider the weather when choosing your gloves. More importantly, the material used on your gloves. For this reason, on sunny days, you need gloves that absorb your sweat. Thus, leather gloves should suffice. Alternatively, you can consider perforated gloves. During cold seasons, you also need to keep your hands warm. Otherwise, your fingers get numb, reducing their mobility during the ride. So choose padded gloves and avoid perforated ones. During a rainy day, water-resistant gloves will do.


Dressing for a motorcycle ride involves covering your whole body. It’s all about comfort and safety. As such, you shouldn't skimp on the details. You can use some of the suggested ideas above to enjoy your ride. Don’t forget to consider the weather as you choose your biking outfits. Also, keep in mind that a motorcycle ride can be risky. Thus, having the proper protective gear reduces the risk of fatal injuries to your body parts. Remember, dressing appropriately is key to having a significant motorcycle ride experience.

Author - Olivia Poglianich
Olivia Poglianich          

Content Strategist

Olivia Poglianich is a nomadic brand strategist and copywriter in the motorcycling and adventure space who has worked with brands such as Visa, Disney and Grey Goose. Her writing has taken her all over the world, from a Serbian music festival to a Malaysian art and culture event. Olivia is a graduate of Cornell University and is often writing or reading about travel, hospitality, the start-up ecosystem or career coaching. Her latest interests are at the intersection of web3 and communal living, both on and offline.


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