Should You Buy Motorcycle Parts Online? Smart Shopping Tips

In the vast digital marketplace, you're faced with the choice of where to buy your motorcycle parts. The convenience of online shopping can't be denied, but does it hold up when it comes to something as niche as motorcycle components? It's a dilemma you might not have considered until you're clicking through pages of handlebars and exhausts, trying to make the best decision for your ride.

You've probably heard that buying online could save you some cash, but what about the quality and compatibility with your bike?

Before you add anything to your cart, let's rev up and explore the pros and cons of purchasing motorcycle parts online. It's crucial to know what you're getting into, whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting to customize your two-wheeled companion.

Pros of Buying Motorcycle Parts Online

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When you're seeking convenience and a broad selection, buying motorcycle parts online is an unrivaled option. The ease of browsing from the comfort of your home beats the hassle of visiting multiple retailers. Online shops often have sophisticated search functions that help you find exactly what you're looking for in a fraction of the time. Efficiency is key in the online marketplace, and it's a significant advantage when hunting for motorcycle parts.

Cost savings are another substantial benefit of online shopping. Due to lower overhead costs, online retailers can offer competitive prices and exciting discounts. Imagine finding the perfect part at a fraction of the cost, without the need to bargain. Moreover, some online stores provide free shipping, which cuts down on your expenses further. Who wouldn't love the excitement of snagging a deal that's both high-quality and gentle on the wallet?

The global reach of the internet can't be overstated. Regardless of where you live, online stores open up a world of possibilities. If a part you need isn't available locally, don't sweat it – you can still get your hands on it from across the world.

The variety of selections is vast, and with such a wide network, you're more likely to find rare or custom parts that are not stocked in brick-and-mortar shops.

It's worth noting the convenience of having detailed product information and reviews at your fingertips. This can empower you to make informed decisions. As you navigate through your options, take time to read through assessments from other buyers. These insights can guide you toward making a purchase that aligns with both your needs and expectations.

Remember to look into the reputation of the online store you choose, a critical step in ensuring you receive the best value. Be proactive and don't hesitate to reach out with questions before finalizing your purchase. The right online retailers are often more than willing to assist, making your online shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Cons of Buying Motorcycle Parts Online

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While the convenience of shopping online for motorcycle parts is undeniable, you'll also face certain challenges. One of the primary concerns is the risk of receiving incorrect or incompatible parts. Despite the availability of detailed specifications online, there's still a chance that the part won't fit your bike model perfectly. This is especially true if you're ordering for custom builds or older models where specificity is crucial.

Moreover, the absence of in-person inspection can be a drawback. You're relying on pictures and descriptions to gauge the quality and condition of the part, which could lead to disappointment if the product doesn't meet your expectations upon arrival. Unlike a physical store, you can't touch, feel, or directly compare aftermarket parts which might result in a less informed purchasing decision.

Another potential issue is prolonged shipping times. In some cases, it might take weeks, or even months, to receive your parts, especially when they are coming from international suppliers.

This can be a significant inconvenience if you need the part urgently to get your motorcycle back on the road.

Additionally, the return and exchange policies of online stores might complicate matters. If you do end up with an incorrect or defective part, navigating the returns process can be cumbersome. Some online stores have strict return policies or might require you to pay for return shipping, which can add to the total cost and diminish the savings you thought you'd made.

Lastly, while online shops often offer discounts and competitive pricing, you should be aware of the hidden costs. These may include taxes, import duties, or handling fees that aren't always clearly displayed upfront during the purchasing process. These unexpected expenses can sneak up on you and can make the part more expensive than initially anticipated.

When buying online, thoroughness is key. Ensuring that the parts are a perfect fit, considering shipping timelines, and understanding the store's policies are all important factors. Keep these considerations in mind to ensure you make an informed decision when purchasing motorcycle parts on the internet.

Considerations When Buying Motorcycle Parts Online

When diving into the world of online motorcycle part shopping, fit and compatibility should be at the forefront of your mind. An incorrect size could not only damage your bike but also pose a serious safety risk. It's crucial to take into consideration the year, make, and model of your motorcycle, and sometimes even submodel details. Be mindful that some parts may necessitate additional items to ensure a proper fit, such as special tools which can add to the overall expense.

Assessing Costs and Shipping

Online purchases come with additional costs that aren't immediately obvious. Shipping charges are a primary factor. Before finalizing your purchase, check the cost of shipping to see if it offsets the online discount you're getting. It's easy to be drawn in by discounts and free shipping offers, but a keen eye on the total cost will protect your wallet in the long run.

Understanding Store Policies

One advantage of brick-and-mortar stores is the straightforward return process. Online, however, you'll find a myriad of return policies. It's imperative to know the specifics—Is there a restocking fee? How many days do you have to initiate a return? This clarity will help you decide if an online store aligns with your purchasing preferences.

Research and Communication

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Don't hesitate to engage with online retailers. Ask questions about specs, compatibility, and guarantees. This can prevent costly mistakes and ensure you get the best value for your money. Furthermore, invest time in reading reviews and the store's reputation, a step often overlooked yet crucial for online shopping.

If custom builds are your passion, scrutinize each product detail and verify its suitability for your motorcycle. Steer clear from stores with vague shipping and return terms; they could signal potential headaches should issues arise with your order.

Remember, transparency is key in the online marketplace.

How to Find a Trusted Online Motorcycle Parts Retailer

When searching for a trusted online motorcycle parts retailer, your first step is to check customer reviews and ratings. These can provide invaluable insights into a store's reliability and service quality. Platforms like Trustpilot or even the retailer's own website can be rich sources of consumer feedback. Pay attention to comments about shipping times, customer service, and the quality of the parts received.

Another key factor is the range of products offered. A retailer with a vast selection of parts is more likely to stock the specific items you need, including those hard-to-find pieces. However, it's not just about quantity; ensure they specialize in aftermarket parts suitable for your motorcycle's brand and model.

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Don't hesitate to ask questions. Reach out to customer service with inquiries about compatibility, specifications, and guarantee periods for the parts you're considering. This not only clarifies your potential purchase but also tests the retailer's responsiveness and knowledge. Quick and informative replies are a good sign of a retailer's commitment to their customers. Moreover, look for clear and detailed product descriptions. A trusted retailer will provide comprehensive information, helping you make informed decisions without the need to ask for more details.

Photos from multiple angles and thorough specs can reveal the retailer's transparency and expertise.

Discounts and shipping deals can also signal a retailer's desire to provide value, but they should never be the sole reason for your choice. Weigh these perks against the shop's reputation and the quality of parts they offer. Sometimes, paying slightly more can mean better service and product durability in the long run.

By taking these steps, you'll find a retailer that doesn't only sell parts but also ensures you're getting the best match for your motorcycle, backed by trustworthy service and knowledgeable support.


You've got the tools to make an informed decision about purchasing motorcycle parts online. Remember to lean on customer feedback and evaluate the retailer's product range and expertise in your bike's specific needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to customer service to gauge their knowledge and promptness. Transparency in product details is a hallmark of a reliable vendor. And while deals may catch your eye, always prioritize the vendor's reputation and the quality of their parts. With these guidelines, you're set to select the right online retailer for your motorcycle, ensuring a smooth ride with every part you buy.

Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
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Aleksandra Djurdjevic is a senior writer and editor, covering motorcycle adventures, biker tips and tricks and general exploring on two wheels. She has previously worked as ESL teacher for English Tochka. Aleksandra graduated from the Comparative Literature department at the Faculty of Philosophy in Serbia. Aleksandra’s love for the biking and adventure, getting out on the open road, year after year across the planet helps her continue to be a top expert at RMJ.


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