Best Motorcycle Engine Oil For Bikes

There is lots of controversy out there over the best motorbike oil. The age old question : synthentic vs conventional oil? There are those diehards, that are going to use conventional oil because they always have and "my bike or car still runs great". Or I have heard the one "my salesman said not to use synthetic oil, it will hurt my bike". Others get free oil changes at the dealer with conventional oil, or coupons that give you free oil with the purchase of an oil change.

Sure there are some conventional oils that are better than others, but none of them hold a candle to synthetic motorcycle oil. If people think they are saving money with conventional they should re-think it. I have done quite a bit of research over the years and I won't even use conventional oil in my lawnmower.

In order to understand the best engine oil for bikes, you have to appreciate that only synthetic lubricants can stand up to the extreme conditions and temperatures that jet engines encounter, so just think what outstanding benefits the would have for your car, truck, bike etc.


best engine oil for bikes
One thing with conventional oil is that when you shut off your engine all your oil ends up down in the crankcase, allowing for dry start-ups. Best Synthetic motorcycle oil clings to your rings, cylinders and all other parts when you shut down. This means when you start-up there is already lubricant there. So no dry start.

It also makes engines run cooler, and increases gas mileage.

Why synthetic oil? There are also many factors such as synthetic oil doesn't break down nearly as fast, which is a big deal on an air-cooled engine, as well as many others. It also won't get thicker in cold weather. Manufacturers claim that you can go twice as far or better in between oil changes.

Nowadays there are also synthetic greases, transmission fluids, gear lubricants, brake fluid, power steering fluid, compressor oil, coolants and fuel additives.

Special higher quality oil filters are used because there is a longer time between oil changes. Change your oil filter today, and in 12 months the oil and filter again.(based on 19,000 kilometers per year)

In conclusion I hope that reading this will sway you towards using synthetic motorbike oil in the future. You pay a little more for the best motorcycle oil but since you do fewer changes, it will end up being cheaper, and the vehicle will last longer.

All the benefits amount to decreased operating expense and longer engine life. Or even extra, you produce less waste oil, which aids protect our environment and minimize our reliance on foreign oil. That's it! What could be more convenient and good for your vehicle too? Synthetic oil is truly the oil for today.

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