Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage for Men and Women

Deep tissue massage targets the deep layers of muscle and surrounding tissue.

This massage is used to treat sports injuries as well as chronic discomfort.

Deep tissue massage can help relieve pain and increase the range of motion in your joints.

This technique is considered one of the types of therapeutic massage; it is the same useful type of massage as hot stone massage.

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For back pain

person massaging the back of a woman

In a 2017 research, 31 men with ankylosing spondylitis were given deep tissue massage. The participants were placed into two groups, one for deep tissue massage and the other for therapeutic massage without deep tissue massage methods. Over the course of two weeks, each participant had ten 30-minute massage sessions. Research indicated that deep tissue massage alleviated pain much more than therapeutic massage.

Lower blood pressure

Deep massage helps reduce heart rate and high blood pressure.

Recovery from injuries

Research shows that both deep and light massage can aid recovery from injury. Massage will help:

  •     Relieve pain and stiffness;
  •     Improve blood circulation to reduce swelling or fluid accumulation around the injury;
  •     Speed up the healing of muscle strains and sprains;
  •     Restore range of motion.


        Deep tissue massage was proven to help alleviate lower back discomfort in pregnant women in a 2016 research. The woman reported a reduction in lower back discomfort after 12 deep tissue massage treatments lasting 30 minutes twice a week. Massage stimulates serotonin production, which alleviates leg and back discomfort.

        Deep tissue massage can support sleep, improve athletic performance, and repair scar tissue. Massage, including deep tissue massage, is prescribed:

        • Massage can help with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression; 
        • For chronic lung diseases – massage can improve respiratory function;
        • Massage can help cure persistent constipation, in addition to other therapies;
        • Massage can help manage pain from illnesses including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sciatica, as well as headaches and discomfort after delivery.

              Side effects of deep tissue massage

              Deep massage is not for everyone. People may notice discomfort during deep tissue massage. It is necessary to inform the massage therapist if the massage is too painful. You should consult your doctor if you have the following conditions:

              •  Blood clotting disorder;
              •  Higher injury risk, such as bone fractures;
              •  Nerve injuries;
              •  Elderly age;
              •  Recent surgery or chemotherapy;
              •  Wounds or skin diseases;
              •  Hernia.

                          Alternative Methods

                          Some types of massage are better suited to treat certain conditions as a complementary treatment modality.

                          Examples of massage techniques include:

                          Hot stone massage

                          To relieve stress and anxiety, heated stones are put on the body.

                          Swedish massage

                          It is appropriate for overall relaxation and stress alleviation. A kneading technique is utilized to enhance blood circulation and activate nerve endings in the muscles' surface layers.

                          Neuromuscular massage

                          To alleviate chronic pain and injuries while also improving posture and muscular imbalances.


                          Pressure points are targeted to relieve pain or stress.

                          Lymphatic drainage therapy

                          Gentle pressure is applied by the massage therapist to promote lymphatic fluid flow and strengthen the immune system. This message is used in conjunction with other treatments for autoimmune disorders and cancer.

                          Craniosacral therapy

                          A gentle massage designed to thoroughly relax the body and encourage natural healing.

                          Performing a massage

                          The massage therapist will ask the person to lie down on the massage table. Warm up the muscles with light pressure first, before massaging a specific area with slow movements and applying deep pressure with your arms, hands, or elbows. This helps relax tight muscles and tissues. Along with massage, physiotherapy and exercise are used.


                          Deep tissue massage can help with a range of problems, including sports injuries and back discomfort. Massage can also assist with stress and illnesses like fibromyalgia and high blood pressure. Deep tissue massage relieves stress and relaxes the body. However, the pressure on deep muscle locations may cause discomfort at first.

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